Don’t replace your Roof, Re-coat it!

Restoring your roof is one of the smartest decisions a building owner, facility engineer or property manager can make.  Advantage coatings has perfected a number of roof restoration systems while providing many advantages including extended roof life, substantial project savings, tax and maintenance advantages, reduced energy costs and a partner to provide technical support and service. In addition, the Apoc roof restoration systems can be installed without fire or burn hazards, noxious odors or disruption to everyday building operations.

Roof Restoration offers substantial project savings

Roof restoration is extremely cost effective and you don’t have to sacrifice performance.  It has been well documented that an overwhelming majority of roof failures occur in less then 10% of the roof area.  Yet Amazingly, every day roofing materials in working condition are torn off and replaced.

Advantage Coatings uses APOC’s restoration systems to first address problem areas where the existing roof had failed as well as areas that are showing signs of deterioration.  Once this work is complete we install a new system over your existing roof.  By eliminating tear-offs and the replacement of working materials, we are able to contain costs and save building owners money.

Did you know?

Roof Maintenance systems are fully tax deductible as an operating expense. Because restoration is classified as a maintenance item, in most cases it can be expensed in the accounting period it is incurred. Roof replacement on the other hand is a capital asset that must be amortized over a 39 year life!

Reduce Energy Costs with a “Cool Roof”

Not only do our roof coating solutions save time and money when compared to traditional tear down roof repairs, but they also offer an energy efficiency value.  The sun produces radiant heat and powerful UV rays that cause thermal shock and rapid deterioration of all roofing materials.  This constant exposure results in accelerated aging, lost flexibility, fatigue, splits, cracks and ultimately roof membrane failure.  Heat build up in a roof can also lead to increased building temperatures, building discomfort, unproductive employees and increased energy consumption.

Advantage coatings installs APOC’s cool roof systems which act like a reflective shield to protect your roof membrane.  Cool roof systems drastically reduce roof temperatures, thermal shock, and heat transfer.  In addition, they extend roof life, improve building comfort and substantially reduce cooling costs.  In face, cool roof systems act as an asset that can provide a return on your investment.

Top reasons to consider Advantage Coatings 

  • 100% tax write-off for year work completed.  Classified as roof maintenance.  
  • Re coating offers up to a 50% savings when compared to traditional tear down roof repair
  • Reduces annual maintenance costs
  • Lowers heat transfer to buildings, and reduces total energy consumption.
  • The coating process is Non-Disruptive to building operations
  • “Cool Roof” systems are now required by building code in many areas
  • Exceeds LEED and US Energy Star guidelines for reflectivity
  • Installs directly to existing substrate in almost all retrofit situations, reducing costs and landfill waste