Waterproof foundation coatings are a way many homeowners in New England deal with water problems- the sharp rise of heat in the summer followed by the cold of winter can lead to cracks in foundations or other parts of your home or business- which is where water damage can start to creep in. Water leaks in through these cracks or flaws in foundation and roof, causing costly and unsightly damage. A waterproof coating however, can effectively put a stop to all these concerns for a good while to come. Unfortunately, nobody thinks they could use a waterproofing solution until it’s already too late and the damage has been done.

What is a foundation coating?

     A waterproof foundation coating is an application of home and business safe material designed to keep water out, keeping your home safe and dry, protected from any possible damage. In a climate like New England’s, one merely has to take a look at some of our roads to gain an understanding of what weather can do to even the most solid of materials. A waterproof coating lasts a while too, most people often move out of a building before the coating expires.

Who could use a foundation coating?

    A business owner may find the waterproofing solution a simple and easy way to keep their building intact- and safe for customers and employees alike. Likewise, homeowners could ensure a dry basement and attic, as well as improve the quality of their home.

Are there different kinds of coatings?

    There are a few different types of waterproof coatings- there are coatings for a building’s foundation, meant to help seal up cracks and keep water from the ground seeping in. There are foams, sprays and other sealants used for these projects, all safe, durable and efficient at what they were designed to do. There are also coatings for roofs that can help keep rain and other water damage out of your home.

    A waterproof coating can be a large help for many different people- just be sure to consider it before the damage has been done, not after!

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